RISE Conversation: Improving the experience of virtual teams


Posted by Megan Taylor

At the beginning of April 2020, we hosted a conversation on improving the quality of experience for virtual teams. You can watch it here:

The last few weeks have required businesses all around the world to adapt to virtual working, some with more success than others. Working remotely has its challenges, and yet there are many ways in which this can be a meaningful and energising experience for people.

Simply putting on headphones, joining a video call and hoping for the best will most likely lead to frustration and disengagement. So what do you do then to support high quality, virtual conversations that increase engagement, connection and quality decision making? This virtual conversation will share RISE best practice and thought leadership from our years of working virtually with our clients and our research on hybrid virtual teams.

How can we connect meaningfully in spite of distance and difference?

How can we get better take advantage of the opportunities provided through virtual working, by taking it seriously as both an enabler and constrainer on team effectiveness?

How can we approach our virtual interactions as relational instead of the default of transactional?

Topics: Teams, Consulting, Virtual Working

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