Rethinking Feedback

How can we work with feedback if we challenge the assumptions we hold of one person holding the insight and the other being informed?

How does feedback change when we deliberately take the assumption away that the feedback-giver is right? Is there a way to engage in a discussion with a colleague, family member or a friend about their actions and behaviours without assuming we are right and they are wrong? Of course there is!

We decided to spend a quarter of 2019 focusing on feedback. We hosted two learning calls which were just for the RISE community and another one was public. You can get access to the recording below for the public webinar.

This led to so much discussion in our community that I caught up with Tomas Hancil to ask him some more questions about deconstructive feedback.

You can see how the webinar by watching the recording, or learn more from reading the interview - just click below...

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