Talk about disruption.. what's the creative potential of it all?


Posted by Matthew Rich-Tolsma

How we respond in times of uncertainty is key...

Hugely unpredictable and complex global patterns can emerge suddenly as if from nowhere and fundamentally disrupt our business-as-usual way of doing things. Cancelled conferences, working from home, concern for elderly relatives… the last few weeks and the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus have certainly shaken things up. Part of this disruption stems from our anxiety and fear for our physical health and that of our loved ones, and part of it through the rollercoaster of international markets and disarray of previously reliable supply chains. In many ways though, what all of this reveals, is just how interdependent we all are, how we are all bound together by countless webs of relationships that are both fragile and robust, and - above all - highly volatile. 

We are interested in the creative potential that this sort of disruption might reveal. 

In these environments, many organisations find themselves needing to adapt to more virtual ways of working. This can feel overwhelming and inefficient, especially when - faced by a mountain of urgent tasks as most of us are - it can be difficult to imagine what might be possible. Of course, working virtually is not just about technology, it is about different ways of interacting and while putting some distance between us might feel like it constrains our sense of connection with others, it also opens up a whole range of new ways of working productively and creatively together.

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